—Teaching Schedule—-

Dr. Andrew Jackson


Class One – Tuesday, February 4 (7-9 pm)

1. The Birth of John and Joseph Marries Mary
2. The Birth of Jesus in Bethlehem and His Return to Nazareth

Class Two – Tuesday, February 11 (7-9 pm)
3. The Public Ministry and Message of the Prophet John
4. The Baptism, Temptation, and First Followers of Jesus
5. Jesus Attends the Feast of Passover in Jerusalem
6. Jesus Travels Through Aenon and Samaria to Galilee


Class Three – Tuesday, February 18 (7-9 pm)
7. Jesus Moves to Capernaum and Early Ministry in Galilee
8. Jesus’ Ministry in Galilee and the Calling of His First Disciples
9. Jesus Attends a Jewish Feast in Jerusalem
10. Jewish Religious Leaders Oppose Jesus
11. Jesus’ Chooses His Twelve Apostles
12. Jesus Teaches the Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount

Class Four – Tuesday, February 25 (7-9 pm)

13. Jesus’ Ministry Through Galilee and Religious Opposition
15. Jesus’ Stories (Parables) on the Northwest Coast of Lake Galilee
16. Jesus’ Ministry on the East Side of Lake Galilee
17. Jesus’ Ministry in Capernaum and Through Galilee
18. The Mission of Jesus’ Twelve Apostles Through Galilee

Class Five – Tuesday, March 3 (7-9 pm) 

19. Jesus’ Ministry on the Bethsaida Plain and Return to Capernaum
20. Jesus’ Passover Teaching
21. Jesus Attends the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem
22. Jesus’ Withdrawal From Galilee
23. Jesus’ Final Teaching in Capernaum


Class Six: Tuesday, March 10 (7-9 pm)
24. Jesus Permanently Leaves Galilee for Jerusalem
25. Jesus Attends the Feast of Hanukkah in Jerusalem
26. Jesus’ Ministry in Bethany of Perea and His Return to Jerusalem
27. Jesus Raises Lazarus From the Dead
28. Jesus’ Ministry Through Ephraim and Perea to Jerusalem

No Class – March 17


Class Seven – Tuesday, March 24 (7-9 pm)
29. Jesus Arrives on the Mount of Olives for Passover
30. Jesus’ Entrance into Jerusalem on Sunday
31. Jesus’ Ministry in Jerusalem on Monday
32. Jesus’ Ministry in Jerusalem on Tuesday
33. Jesus’ Teaching on the Mount of Olives
34. The Plan to Betray and Kill Jesus

Class Eight – Tuesday, March 31 (7-9 pm)
35. The Passover/Last Supper of Jesus and His Apostles on Thursday
36. Jesus Teaches His Apostles Without Judas
37. Jesus’ Teaching on the Mount of Olives
38. The Garden of Gethsemane and Jesus’ Arrest
39. The Jewish Trial of Jesus by the Sanhedrin
40. The Roman Trial of Jesus by Pontius Pilate

Class Nine – Tuesday, April 7 (7-9 pm)
41. The Crucifixion of Jesus on Friday
42. The Burial of Jesus
43. The Resurrection of Jesus on Sunday
44. The Appearances of Jesus
44. The Ascension of Jesus

EASTER (April 12)