Thaddeus (Addai) (Edessa/Urfa, Turkey)

Thaddeus (Addai in Syraic) was one of the seventy apostles of Jesus Christ (Luke 10:1). Obeying Jesus’
instructions, the apostle Thomas sent Thaddeus to Edessa (modern Urfa) in response to King Abgar’s let- ter. Addai healed King Abgar, and Edessa became the first Christian city (#14).

The narrative of Addai’s mission in Edessa is found in the Doctrine of Addai that was written between 390 and 430. Addai continued his mission journey throughout Mesopotamia and Syria, and sent disciples even further East. Although Edessa’s Christians honored Thomas as the com- missioning apostle of the mission into the kingdom of Osrhoene, they trace the beginning of their Christian faith to Thaddeus (Addai).