Basil the Elder and Emmelia of Caesarea/Kayseri (d. AD 370-375)

Basil the Elder was the son of Macrina the Elder and was raised on the family’s property near Neocaesarea (modern Niksar). After marrying Emmelia, the couple moved to Caesarea (modern Kayseri). Basil was a prominent lawyer, known for his godly character and moral lifestyle.

Basil and Emmelia had 10 children: Macrina the Younger, Basil the Great, Nacratius, Gregory of Nyssa, Theosebia, Peter of Sebaste, and four others whose names we do not know. During the Christian persecution under emperor Galerius, Basil the Elder took his family to their property in Pontus. They eventually returned to Caesarea, where they lived the rest of their lives. Basil died in 370, and Emmelia died in 375