Bishop Gregory the Elder and Nonna of Nazianzus/Karballa/Güzelyurt (d. AD 374)

Gregory the Elder and his wife Nonna were born into wealthy families and owned a large piece of property in Karballa (modern Güzelyurt). They had three children: Caesarius, Georania, and Gregory the
Theologian. In 328, Gregory the Elder became bishop of Nazianzus in Cappadocia, serving until his death. Nazianzus was possibly located at the Turkish village of Nenizi, a few miles south of modern Güzelyurt.

Nonna was a devout Christian and a godly example to her children; Gregory the Theologian championed her as a model of Christian motherhood. He wrote of her, “My mother was a worthy companion for my father and her qualities were as great as his. She came from a pious family, but was even more pious than they. Though in her body she was a woman, in her spirit she was above all men. Her mouth knew nothing but the truth, but in her modesty she was silent about those deeds which brought her glory. She was guided by the fear of God.” Nonna died in 374.