In the 2020 presidential election, Americans will have to choose between economic capitalist populism (led by Trump) and economic socialist populism (led by Bernie Sanders and his like).

By Dr. Andrew Jackson

China is in the news today and for good reason. China is a communist nation that has economically emerged worldwide over the last 25 years. And it is driven with a vision to dominate the world economically and in the end politically.

Many in America have believed that if China developed its economy that it will begin to shift toward a more democratic government structure and that its people will rise out of poverty. However, it remains communist, and only around 400 million of its 1.4 billion people are actually getting richer.

Although China has a population of 1.4 billion people, one billion live in absolute poverty (earning 1-3 dollars per day) and serve as cheap, slave labor for China exports and multinational companies of the West. As a result, the elites in America and Europe get richer, but the lower and middle class in the West have declined as their jobs have been sent to China and other cheap labor countries. And cheaper immigrant workers take the jobs of lower and middle class citizens in the Western nations. The answer to this is a heathy process for legal immigrant assimilation, and to stand strong against open border illegal hoards.

This is where we are today. And this reality between the elites and the people is now falling apart functionally in the West. The primary and future dialogue politically and economically is found here.

This is why the political elites–those getting richer in this globalist set-up–in both political parties–Republican and Democratic–are fighting in anyway possible to remain dominant and in control. For these political elites, this fight has no ethical framework. This is why these elites hate words like “populist, nationalism, and citizenship.”

It seems to me, American non-elites have two choices: an economic capitalist populism (led by Trump) and economic socialist populism (led by Bernie Sanders and his like). I think it is clear that the Democratic presidential candidates for 2020 will be in the “socialist populism” camp.

Although some people think there is a third way, I personally do not see how the two can be combined into a functional hybrid populism, for socialism is all about a state-centered economy and not a free market capitalist economy.

These systems are fundamentally opposed to one another. I know there are those who think there is a “middle way” but at a practical level its seems to be more of an abstract construct.

Americans will have to choose, for the status quo has come to an end.

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