We are often hearing the narrative that anger justifies violence. This narrative leads only to more and more destruction of property and human lives. This narrative is demonic!

During my over two decades as a pastoral leader I had to address spousal abuse. Often a husband would claim that his anger led to him hitting and beating his wife because of her behavior or actions. So the inference from an abusive husband is that his wife deserved it, without taking any personal responsibility. This is also true for parental abuse of children.

It is important to understand that violence is not just physical, but also includes verbal and emotional abuse.

Anger is an emotional response that we all experience in life circumstances, but for any of us to act upon our anger as an excuse for violence is not just wrong but evil. The Bible is clear.

Anger can be understood, as we see demonstrated by many peaceful protests today. But anger without personal restraint and responsibility can never be justified or excused. For uncontrolled anger can and does lead to chaos and murder.

If we dismiss violence in society because of anger, then we will also have to accept violence in marriages and families as a means of solving relational problems.

We can accept human anger, but we must never accept the narrative that anger justifies violence in any form.