Bishop Anatolius of Constantinople (Istanbul) (d. AD 458)

Anatolius served as a deacon under bishop Cyril in Alexandria and participated in the Ecumenical Church Council in Ephesus in 431 that condemned the teaching of Nestorius. After Cyril’s death, Anatolius continued to serve as a deacon under the new bishop Dioscorus. In 449, emperor Theodosius II convened the “Gangster Council” at Ephesus under the leadership of bishop Dioscorus of Alexandria.

The council declared that the Monophysite teaching of Eutyches was orthodox and condemned Constantinople’s bishop Flavian. With Dioscorus’ support, Theodosius II replaced Flavian with Anatolius as Constantinople’s new bishop. He served for nine years, from 449 to 458. Anatolius presided over Chalcedon’s Ecumenical Church Council in 451. He died in 458.