Bishop Meletius of Antioch/Antakya (d. AD 381)

Meletius was born into a prominent family in Melitene (modern Malayta). He became Antioch’s bishop and served for 21 years, from 360 to 381. While serving in Antioch, he opposed Arianism, ordained Basil the Great as a deacon, and baptized John Chrysostom.

In 363, he wrote his theological book Exposition of the Faith, which led many Arians to become supporters of Nicene orthodox Christianity. He presided over the second Ecumenical Church Council in 381. However, shocking everyone, he died suddenly, soon after the opening of the council. His funeral was held in Con- stantinople, and Gregory of Nyssa delivered the eulogy. Meletius’ body was buried in Antioch. Gregory the Theologian was installed as Constantinople’s new bishop.