Speaking in Tongues


Ryan Keating provides an biblical and insightful explanation of his personal experience of the New Testament spiritual gift of speaking in tongues.

Speaking in Tongues2019-03-11T12:17:17-07:00

Why Does the Church Exist?


More and more people are struggling with the modern church. They are wondering what is the church's true purpose? Dr. Andrew Jackson emphasizes that the biblical church exists for the kingdom of God and to make true disciples in relational community.

Why Does the Church Exist?2019-02-09T13:11:41-07:00

Russia: From Stalin to Putin


An brief overview of modern Russia and its future under Vladimir Putin. This article is by George Friedman of Geopolitical Futures (January 2019).

Russia: From Stalin to Putin2019-01-29T08:50:35-07:00

Believing in God When Our Rationality Fails Us


Dr. Andrew Jackson explains that one of the causes and symptoms of spiritually discouragement in our inner lives is when we start to equate our questions and doubts in life for unbelief.

Believing in God When Our Rationality Fails Us2019-01-27T20:18:19-07:00