Diversity within Mormonism

Unfortunately, many Christians have had a tendency to stereotype Mormons and see them as all being the same. This is not true. The fact is, Mormonism contains quite a bit of diversity and several streams of Mormon thinking and opinions, although they are all still under the careful oversight of the LDS Church hierarchy.

There are Latter-day Saints who swim within the theological waters of the more traditional Mormonism represented by systematic theologian Bruce McConkie, other Mormons who embrace the contemporary Mormon scholarship of Brigham Young University professors such as Dr. Stephen Robinson and Dr. Robert Millet, and then many—if not most—Mormons who were born into LDS families. They live their daily lives inside the cultural world of Mormonism and really do not think a lot about the intricacies and theological validity of LDS teaching and practices. They seem content and happy being Mormon, and exert little energy in thinking through and evaluating the details or truthfulness of their faith.