A personal story how God spoke to me about the importance of walking for comprehensive health – mentally, physically, and spiritually.


A personal story how God spoke to me about the importance of walking for comprehensive health – mentally, physically, and spiritually.

By Dr. Andrew Jackson

The other day I posted that I had major pain in my right leg for the last month. I could hardly walk or sleep. I asked you to pray and many of you did. I was in a pretty desperate situation.

The day I asked you to pray, I decided to go out by the canal behind our house to walk (really drag my leg in pain) around 30 yeads and back. That was my limit. I was using walking poles that I had.

Suddenly, something motivated me to just push through my pain and walk briskly for 50 yards and back, and I did it and once again.

As I pushed through the pain and made myself walk faster the more the pain in my leg became less. I was so surprised. And I felt relieved from my pain. I went back home and then repeated this walk that night. And I did the same, now walking further, the next day Tuesday and Tuesday night.

Wow! I felt like God spoke to me. God wanted to me become serious in intentional walking daily.

Yesterday, I walked in the morning, and then I received a shot in my SI joint. Much of the pain in my leg is pretty much gone.

I have a real internal motivation to walk daily. I really believe it is God’s guidance for me. Not just counting my steps per day, but intentional walking using walking poles.

I have prayed and thought a lot about this since I felt God speak to me. I felt God begin to show me that walking needs to be wholistic — engaging the mind, spirit, and body. To walk relaxed, but not in a lazy way. In the process of a walk, God was encouraging me to enter deeper into my mind and spirit.

JUST MY THINKING: I am not condemning anyone, but it seems that just counting steps per day is not really intentional walking, when you are able to enter deeper within oneself. And also it seems that listening to music or a podcast why walking takes the place of our own thinking, praying, and connecting with the inner life of our hearts. I think walking needs to be more meditative walking, without external noise of music or podcasts.

So, I am going to international walk daily (between 1/2 to 1 hour). I will be using walking poles. Also, I want to include others in “community walking.” Walking with others. Encouraging others to join you. If you live near me, come on and join me.

International walking has huge health benefits and is pure medicine. I want to encourage others and YOU to join me.

I’m thinking through how I can create a site or a Facebook page for people to make a commitment to join-in with others in intenational walking. We need the support of others to do this. And we need a way to facilitate this. Any thoughts?

A couple thoughts for you:

1 – Watch on YouTube how to walk correctly

2 – Watch how to use walking poles. I find them to be very helpful. But others might not.

3 – Don’t see walking as a sport. Because of my sports background this was my natural instinct. It is not like working out at the gym. It is not about tension, gritting your teeth, and pushing yourself. It is more of a wholistic expression of yourself through relaxed, intentional walking.

4 – Wear good walking shoes.

I post this to give you an update and to make a public commitment to what God is saying to me.

I want you to join me. Pray about it, will you intentionally walk daily. Even if it is just a short distance at the start. You will build yourself up to walk further.

For those who have medical issues, please consult your doctor. But I would guess that this will be high on their list.

Also, as for me, I had to make the decision to push through my pain toward healing.

I am committed now. No room for excuses


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