God is Shaking Nations and the Church for His Own Eternal Redemptive Purposes

A few years ago I experienced a deep shaking in my inner life. It was a sense of radical disorientation.

After several months of wondering what was wrong with me, God spoke in my heart that this disorientation was from him. It was a disorientation produced by God for my good. It was an inner shaking that would cause me to reject all my forms of false security. It was to draw me back to him, and him alone.

During this personal shaking and disorientation, I came to believe that our world was entering a new redemptive era in history. For God was going to also shake nations and the church.

This all happened before the election of President Trump.

Since that time I have been able to see the bigger picture of what is truly going on in America, England, and many other places in our world. This has helped me to stay out of the weeds and understand things from a larger God perspective.

In this light, I would encourage all Americans, especially Christians in America, to not fear this shaking and disorientation. For God is its source, and the rot that has been hidden is now being revealed through our nation’s shaking.

In the end, what is happening in America is not ultimately about President Trump or this sham impeachment. It is about taking a step back and seeing the big picture of what God is doing worldwide.

I hope this will give you a better perspective of why I write what I do today concerning the political disoriention in America.

So, I leave you with the words of Jesus.

Jesus said, “I leave you my peace. My peace I give you! I do not give to you the passing peace of this world. Do not allow your hearts to be troubled. Do not be afraid” (John 14:27).