King Abgar’s Letter to Jesus (Edessa/Urfa, Turkey)

Abgarus Uchama the toparch to Jesus the good Savior who has appeared in the district of Jerusalem, greeting. I have heard about you and your healings that they are done by you without drugs or herbs. As the report goes, you make blind men see, lame to walk, clean lepers, cast out demons, heal those afflicted with long sicknesses, and raise people from the dead. And having heard all this about you, I had determined one of two things, either that you are God come down from heaven and so do these things, or you are a Son of God that does these things. Therefore I write to you and entreat you to trouble yourself to come to me and heal my affliction. I have heard that the Jews murmur against you and want to do you harm. I have a very little city but it is beautiful, which is sufficient for us both.