Monk Augin of Nisibis Mountain/Mount Izla (d. AD 363)

After twenty-five years as a pearl-fisherman on an is- land in Egypt, Augin joined the communal
monastery of Pachomius in Upper Egypt. With approximately seventy monks, he left Egypt to live in Asia Minor’s Mesopotamia. They founded a monastery on the Nisibis Mountain (Mount Izla). Augin’s monastic community grew rapidly, and from there other monasteries were founded throughout Mesopotamia, Persia, Armenia, Georgia, India, and China. Augin died in 363.

The Monastery of Augin (late 300s) Nisibis Mountain/Mount Izla

The Monastery of Augin was established in the 300s and attracted hundreds of monks. It is located on the southern slope of Nisibis Mountain (Mount Izla) and consists of buildings and caves. Today, efforts are being made to restore the main church and key parts of the monastery.