Monk Lazarus of Mount Galerius (Near Ephesus) (AD 1053)

Lazarus was born in the city of Magnesia (modern Manisa). After living ten years as a monk in Jerusalem, Lazarus returned to Asia Minor and settled near Ephesus on Mount Galesius, today popularly called Goat Mountain. While living on Mount Galesius, he saw a vision of a pillar of fire rising up to heaven. It was surrounded by angels singing, “Let God arise and let his enemies be scattered.” On the spot of his vision, Lazarus built a church in honor of the resurrection of Christ and erected a pillar to live on. Soon many monks gathered around Lazarus to receive spiritual wisdom and blessings from him. Lazarus died in 1053 at the age of seventy-two. He was buried at the base of the pillar he had lived on for many years.