Montanus and Monaticism (late 100s) Ardabau/near Philadelphia

Before becoming a Christian, Montanus was ap- parently a priest of Cybele, the mother goddess of fertility. Montanism, known by its followers as New Prophecy, was a brand of Christianity that had its origins about fifteen miles (24 km) east of Philadelphia, at the town of Arbabau. Around 172, Montanus and two prophetesses, Prisca and Maximilla, became convinced that the end of the world was near and that the New Jerusalem (Revelation 3:12, 21:2) would descend at the village of Pepouza, located south of the city of Uşak, near the village of Karayakuplu. The Montanist movement claimed to receive new prophetic revela- tion and taught a strict morality. The most well- known Christian supporter of Montanism was Tertullian (155-240) from Carthage in North Africa. A Montanist Church continued in the rural areas of Asia Minor (modern Turkey) into the 700s.