On a clear spring morning in 1820, 14-year-old Joseph Smith secluded himself in a grove of trees near his family’s log home and knelt before God, requesting to receive divine wisdom concerning which Christian denomination was the true church. While he was battling the dark power of Satan, two distinct personages with tangible bodies appeared in indescribable glorious light. They were later identified as Father God and Jesus Christ.

Joseph Smith claimed that he experienced numerous divine visitations throughout his lifetime, including Moroni, John the Baptist, the apostles Peter, James, and John, Jesus, Moses, Elijah, and many angels.

It was during this momentous encounter that Jesus Christ reportedly exhorted the young boy not to join any Christian church because they were all corrupt and all their doctrinal creeds were simply teachings of men and an abomination to God. However, we have no eye witnesses of the apparent “First Vision” of Joseph Smith.