The MUELLER REPORT: It is Time For Deep Reflection by American Christians

The Mueller report now makes clear that since the campaign and election of president Trump there has been an extensive and false legal (DOJ and FBI), political (Democrats and Never-Trump Republicans) and mainstream media (by every major tv station and newspaper, especially the NYT and WP and major social media companies) coup attempt to reverse the election of the American people.

I can understand that some people do not like president Trump’s style or some of his policy agenda, but the last three years was an organized effort–legal, political, and media–to bring down an elected president of the United States. If that does not grieve and alarm you, then you need to do some real soul searching.

Since I had to make an adult choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for president, I make it public that I was voting for Donald Trump. And since his election I am even more convinced that it was the right decision. But I was also attacked and called names by some Christians for my decision and public support of Trump.

What I am grieved about is those Christians, even Christian leaders, who from the beginning was swept up in the anti-Trump hysteria.

These Christians self-righteously mocked and attacked Evangelicals for voting for Trump, and even joined the totally false accusation that president Trump was a treasonous agent of Russia. If not right out saying this, they fed the underlying hysteria.

I have been shocked that so many Christians, and especially Christian leaders, have lacked common sense and spiritual discernment over the last three years.

Even as president Trump pushed back against late-term abortion and even infanticide by the Democrats, these Christians continue in their degrading attacks against the most pro-life president and vice president in my lifetime. But even the Democratic policy of infanticide would not cause these Christians to do some self-reflection.

I believe God is shaking the church and nations around the world to fulfill his unshakable kingdom purposes. And God is using the Trump presidency to shake America and the American church.

I pray that all Christians and Christian leaders will now take a step back and reflect on the last three years. Let’s move on in our diverse opinions, but we must not move forward in false accusations and division. Let’s move forward with honest discussions and even debate, but we must move forward out of the dark cloud of this coup attempt over the last three years.