I will blog more later, but I just read that the new editor in chief at Christianity Today magazine is Daniel Harrell.

Daniel got his MDiv from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, where I received my doctorate. Historically a solid non-denominational seminary rooted in New Evangelicalism that refused to embrace fundamentalist or liberal Christianity.

But Daniel went to get his doctorate in psychology, is a staunch anti-Trumper, and apparently holds to a theistic evolutionary view of nature. Plus he pastored a mainline Congregationalist church for many years—Colonial Church (google it).

In my view, based on what I have read about Daniel, Christianity Today has chosen the theological path of progressive mainline Protestant Christianity. This did not happen overnight but has been a long process of change.

Again, from my perspective, Christianity Today has now chosen a path that is distinct and out of touch with global Evangelicalism. Certainly a far cry from the New Evangelicalism of Billy Graham and Carl Henry.

Time will tell, but I encourage that you google Daniel Harrell and come to your own conclusions.

I am not calling for a condemnation or boycott of Christianity Today, in fact I am affirming that their voice is important. But I am advocating for transparency and not naive acceptance in CT’s claim to being Evangelical.