Nurses vs Teachers

I have been personally impacted by the coronavirus. My wife is an ER nurse and was infected while ministering in the ER. She was hospitalized for a week and is now recovering at home.

Most people don’t really understand the high risk nurses are taking to care for people during this pandemic. My wife never complained because that is what it means to be a nurse. In fact, nurses often care more about their patients than they consciously do themselves.

Now I would like to compare the profession of school teachers to nurses.

Nurses would never support the closer of hospitals because of their own personal risk. But now the teacher unions are advocating to keep the schools closed because of personal risk of teachers to the virus, for the facts show that children have a very, very low risk concerning the virus.

My comparison is this: During this virus outbreak, nurses have faithfully taken care of patients because of the consequences of not doing their job.

In the same way, teachers must take some risk–a much lower risk than nurses–to educate and care for our nation’s children. Why? Because if teachers do not educate our children in person, and shut the schools down, than the negative consequences for our children (and their families) will be extremely high and long-term. The damage done will be very significant.

We expect nurses to do their job no matter the risk, but teachers and their unions seem to think they do not have to do their job because of their own personal risk, not the children and their families.

Teachers and their unions must open the schools. If teachers think they do not have to open the schools until there is no risk to them, then they should quit being teachers.

Throughout American history, the professions of nurses and teachers have been seen as ministers to the people, often sacrificially. Today, nurses continue to serve without a lot of recognition, while teachers and their federal unions will sacrifice our children for their own safety.

If this isn’t true, then teachers should be demanding schools open on behalf of the children, and not on behalf of their own risk.