Self-Righteous Mitt Romney Votes to Impeach President Trump

I wrote a book on Mitt Romney when he ran for president. I find him now as I did then: a very inauthentic person who so badly wants others to think he is not.

As a Temple Mormon, he wraps himself in a thin layer of religiosity and false righteousness. He oozes self-righteousness.

Why did Romney vote to impeach President Trump? He quotes a hymn they sing in the Mormon church, and says he must follow his conscience. And of course, he hasn’t slept for nights in agony over the decision.

But an impeachment trial has nothing to do with personal feelings or conscience, it has to do with whether President Trump violated constitutional law.

Romney is the guy who goes into the temple and prays that he is so glad he is not like all those sinners.

At least one knows what we get with President Trump, but the only thing you get with Romney is a gush of religion in the face.