So What Are Your Solutions Pastor and Christian Leader?

Over the last six months, and especially today, I have read so many pastors and Christian leaders (Rick Warren, Ed Stetzer, John Piper, and Marvin Olasky to name a few) denounce P Trump and those Christians (mostly working class men and woman) who support his policies.

These Christian leaders and pastors need to stop acting as if they are on top of the moral ladder. They speak as if they are the privileged ones who are the only ones that know the true Jesus. They speak as if they are swimming in pure Christianity, while all the “average” Christians are flopping around in a mud puddle of deception.

What God’s people need to hear today is not your condemnation but your solutions to the ongoing collapse of our culture and social institutions. Christians don’t need more of your private Christianity lectures and to infer that Christians just need to sit in church and be quiet.

Stop telling us you despise P Trump and tell us why Joe Biden is a better example of Christ. What public policies of Joe Biden do you support over P Trump? Give us your evidence!

What are your solutions for unrestrained abortion, our rotten educational system, our endless wars, the influence of the Chinese Communist Party over our entrenched elite politicians, breakdown of law and order, jobs, suppression of free speech, and religious freedom. Let’s start there.

This is your pastoral care responsibility. Public policies have a tremendous impact on Christian’s lives and their families. What about the military in your churches that are messed up from three tours of war in the Middle East? What do you say to them?

If you think P Trump is America’s whole problem and all will soon return to a nice, comfortable church life again, you will be mistaken.

The church needs constructive solutions and less of you pointing a finger and denouncing others. Those who yell the loudest are the ones who do the least.

The church needs to hear about a message of the good news of God’s kingdom that is relevant to all of realty, private and public. And that the lordship of Jesus is over all of life!