Speaking in the Languages of the Holy Spirit (Tongues)

Dr. Andrew Jackson

Many people accuse the church of Corinth of overemphasizing the gift of speaking in the languages of the Holy Spirit. But what I find interesting is few ask how the Corinth church even knew about speaking in tongues in the first place?

My answer is that they learned about this gift from Paul during his first visit when he started the church.

Why would I conclude that?

For Paul affirms the gift and says not to forbid speaking in tongues and states that he speaks in tongues more then them all (14:8). This is why they spoke in tongues in the first place. And they certainly did not disagree, because they knew this first hand when Paul started the church. He is the one who taught them about the gifts of the Holy Spirit in person. How can they overemphasize what Paul taught them?

The issue in 1 Corinthians was misusing the speaking in tongues during public worship gatherings, nothing more.