The Seven Hills of Constantinople (Istanbul)

Constantine the Great apparently built Constantinople on seven hills within its defensive walls, like Old Rome. The first hill begins from Seraglio Point and extends over the whole area containing Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, and Topkapı Palace. On the second hill is the Nuruosmaniye

Mosque, Grand Bazaar, and the Column of Constantine. The third hill is occupied by Istanbul University, Bayezid II Mosque, and the Süleymaniye Mosque. On the fourth hill is Fatih Mosque (the historic Church of the Holy Apostles), which slopes to the Golden Horn on the north and to Aksaray on the south. On the fifth hill is the Mosque of Sultan Selim. On the sixth hill are the districts of Edirnekapı and Ayvansaray. The broad seventh hill, with three sum- mits, extends from Aksaray to the Theodosian II Walls and the Marmara Sea.