Why the NeoCon magazine “Weekly Standard” is coming to a tragic end.

By Dr. Andrew Jackson

Started in 1995 by Bill Kristol, the NeoCon “Weekly Standard” magazine loved by the conservative and Republican establishment is now tanking and about to be sold. Editor-in-Chief Stephen Hayes phoned employees telling them he is unsure what will happen to the magazine.

What happened? The reason is that the Weekly Standard went hard-core Never-Trump. Instead of playing a positive role in our day, the Weekly Standard revealed its’ true self — an establishment NeoCon magazine—a true swamp rag—full of self-righteous, privileged “experts.”

The leaders of the Weekly Standard saw themselves as “experts” that wrote for the isolated elite. They believed they were the “intellectuals” above all others. They loved to hear themselves lecture others on failed NeoCon policies, and lived in an abstract bubble. They got caught up in their own pride of “rightness” and lost all touch with the people of America. So when an action-centered, get-things-done Trump became our president, Bill Kristol and the Weekly Standard looked down with distain from nice DC offices.

Good bye Bill Kristol and Weekly Standard, you have lost touch with the American people long ago.

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