Trans-Human Worldview

I constantly hear people say that America must unite. They say we are too divided. This is true, but the division in America is between two significantly different world views, not political parties. The divide of these two world views is growing, and the most dangerous suggestion is that we somehow mix or unite these world views.

Unfortunately, there are some Christian leaders and churches that are attempting to do this. Watch, “woke” churches will soon be “dead” churches, just as most of the mainline denominational churches are today.

One of the core elements of the secular, globalist, and anti-Christian world view is the vision of a future trans-human reality. This is not a fairytale or a secret conspiracy. It is happening right now. It is in your face. There is nothing hidden about this trans-human agenda. It is the idea of using technology (for example, artificial intelligence) to move beyond humanness. This is the world view of big tech (Google, Facebook etc). This is their vision. This is their form of redemption.

When I taught a college world religions course, I invited a secular humanist to present his world view. I believe all religions are just world views. During his presentation, he stated that the “human problem” (our fallen state and sin) will soon be reversed by genetic engineering. This is common thinking today.

The world view divide in America is growing at a very fast pace. This is why soon Christians will be confronted as promoting hate speech (which is really just another world view) and the Evangelical church will become enemy number one. For a Christian world view is totally and completely opposite the mind of our modern culture.