Why I am Running into 2020 and the New Redemptive Era

Barbara and I pray that all our family and friends have a great new year!
I am very excited not only about the next year (2020), but the next decade (the roaring 20s). I am not hesitantly entering 2020, I am running into it. I hope you will join me.
God is shaking nations and the church, and the status quo and false security of the permanent political and economic elites that have dominated the last few decades are beginning to crumble.
Let us embrace God’s eternal shaking. There is no reason to be moved by the fear-mongering of so many today.
In America, the economic globalism ran by the elites of both the Republican and Democratic Parties for their own enrichment are falling before our eyes. But don’t be deceived, they will do all–and anything–they can to keep power. So, stay grounded.
Our world is entering a new redemptive era–an era of great shaking, but over the next decade I believe we are about to witness the greatest spiritual awakening in history as the global church matures and is mobilized for the kingdom of God.
Lift up your heads for the harvest is great!
Blessings on you and yours over the new year!