About Dr. Andrew Jackson

Dr. Andrew Jackson is a pastor, teacher, and author. He lives in the Phoenix Valley of Arizona, USA with his wife Barbara.

He earned his Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary, and his specialized Doctor of Ministry in the “History of Church Renewal Movements” from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Dr. Jackson also studied historical-geography of the Bible for one year at the Jerusalem University College in Jerusalem, Israel.

Dr. Jackson served as a senior teaching pastor at two large churches, as an adjunct Seminary professor, and taught world religion courses at two colleges. He now focuses his time on writing, teaching, and ministry in Turkey. Dr. Andrew Jackson is the translator and writer of the International English Bible: A New Testament Translation.

Dr. Jackson leads annual tours in the Bible lands of Israel and Turkey. His expertise is in the New Testament and early church history of Asia Minor (modern Turkey). He authored two books related to Turkey: A Guide Inside the Early Church of Asia Minor: 300 Profiles and The Lost Land of the Bible: Prayer Pilgrimages Through Turkey. He was also the co-host on the travel documentary “Exploring Ephesus: The City of the Apostles.”
He has traveled to over 20 nations of the world experiencing first-hand the original home lands of all the primary religions of the world, and he has traveled extensively through the nation of Turkey.

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