Dr. Andrew Jackson leads annual tours primarily in the Bible lands of Israel and Turkey.

Dr. Jackson’s expertise is in the New Testament and early church history of Asia Minor (modern Turkey). He has authored two books related to Turkey: A Guide Inside the Early Church of Asia Minor: 300 Profiles and The Lost Land of the Bible: Prayer Pilgrimages Through Turkey. He was also the co-host on the travel documentary “Exploring Ephesus: The City of the Apostles.”

Dr. Andrew Jackson regularly consults individuals, churches, and organizations on developing quality itineraries and logistics for biblical tours.

Turkey: the Other Holy Land


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Tours Led By Dr. Jackson

Jesus Tour Through Israel

October 10-18, 2020

Led by Dr. Andrew Jackson and Pastor David Wright of LifeLink Church, this is a unique tour that focusses on the primary locations of the life and ministry of Jesus.

The goal of this spiritual pilgrimage is quality, not quantity. There are many other sites that we could visit, but we want to make the most of our week together and stay centered on Jesus. Also, we have free time as couples or in small groups to explore on our own and spend personal time in prayer and reflection.

Dr. Andrew Jackson will provide a teaching guide that will correspond to his “Jesus Workbook” and share the relevant Bible passages from the workbook at the key locations of Jesus’ life and ministry.

Itinerary & Additional Details

Pastors Seven Churches of Revelation Discounted Tour

March 2020

More information to come. Please check back soon.




Israel: Discounted Trip for Professors – January 1-9, 2020

Led by Dr. Carl Rasmussen
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Greece: Discounted Trip for Professors – March 7-15, 2020

Led by Dr. Jeff Weima
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Greece and Turkey: The Cradle of Christianity – May 16-31, 2020

Led by Dr. Mark Fairchild.
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Sailing With Paul in the Mediterranean – June 9-21, 2020

Led by Dr. Jeff Weima
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Seven Churches of Revelation, Nicea, and Istanbul – July 1-13, 2020

Led by Dr. Mark Fairchild.
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Sailing Acts: The Seaports and Sailing Routes of Paul – October 7-23, 2020

Led by Dr. Linford and Janet Stutzman.
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Israel – October 23-November 1, 2020

Led by Dr. Carl Rasmussen.
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Global Smyrna Meeting on the Seven Churches of Revelation

June 21-27, 2020

A global gathering on the “Seven Churches of Revelation” will take place in Izmir (biblical Smyrna) that will include both lectures and visits to all Seven Churches.

The message to the Seven Churches is not only for 1st century Christians, it is also for us. This one week program is the most comprehensive meeting and visit plan of the Seven Churches of Revelation ever organized.

This meeting aims to promote the Seven Churches of the Revelation to churches all over the world. If you are interested in visiting the Seven Churches and listening to the lectures of the expert speakers, you are welcome to join us at the Global Smyrna Meeting.

Modern Izmir, Smyrna, is located in the heart of the Seven Churches. Staying in Izmir, all churches can be visited by day trips.

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Izmir: 8500 Years of History