Bishop Amphilochius of Iconium/Konya (d. AD 394)

Amphilochius was born into a prominent Christian family of Caesarea (modern Kayseri), in Cappadocia. He was a close friend of Basil the Great and Gregory the Theologian. In 334, after practicing law in Antioch and Constantinople, he left his career to serve Jesus Christ in Cappadocia. He lived in a wilderness cell as a strict monastic for around 40 years, and it is believed that he served in Basil the Great’s City of the Poor.

In 374, Basil the Great ordained him as bishop of Iconium (modern Konya), where he served with wisdom and spiritual power. He accompanied Gregory the Theologian to Constantinople’s Ecumenical Church Council in 381 and assisted in writing the final version of the Nicene Creed.

In his writing, Amphilochius emphasized the divinity of the Holy Spirit, and Basil the Great dedicated his book On the Holy Spirit to him. Amphilochius died in 394. A church was built on Iconium’s acropolis and dedicated to him