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The Last Supper


The Last Supper from Dr. Andrew Jackson's book, "Jesus: A Biblical Biography Based on a Chronological Harmony of the Gospels.

The Last Supper2019-04-18T06:18:51-07:00

We Need Spiritual Fathers and Mothers!


Dr. Andrew Jackson writes that the greatest mistake in our modern time—especially in the Western Christian world—is for organizations (church and parachurch) to push fully developed older leaders aside and replace them with developing younger leaders.

We Need Spiritual Fathers and Mothers!2019-04-07T14:19:45-07:00

Does Rob Bell Teach Universal Salvation?


Dr. Andrew Jackson reviews Rob Bell's "expansive salvation" as written about in his book "Love Wins." Many believe that Bell teaches universal salvation. Does he? Dr Jackson addresses this issue in this blog post.

Does Rob Bell Teach Universal Salvation?2019-04-01T12:52:52-07:00

False Guilt: The New Weapon of Moral Manipulation


Dr. Andrew Jackson explains how false guilt has become a major weapon of moral distortion and manipulation. Social justice is now the guilty walking free, and the innocent being declared guilty.

False Guilt: The New Weapon of Moral Manipulation2019-04-12T08:34:45-07:00

Speaking in Tongues


Ryan Keating provides an biblical and insightful explanation of his personal experience of the New Testament spiritual gift of speaking in tongues.

Speaking in Tongues2019-03-11T12:17:17-07:00