Bishop Anthimus of Nicomedia (d. AD 303)

Anthimus was the bishop of Nicomedia during the Christian persecutions under emperor Diocletian. The persecution became especially intense in Nicomedia when the Christians were accused of setting fire to the imperial court. During this persecu- tion, Anthimus hid. From his place of hiding, he sent letters to Nicomedia’s Christians , exhorting them to remain faithful to Christ and not to fear martyrdom.

Once his location was discovered, soldiers were sent to arrest Anthimus. He met the soldiers and was taken to be executed. When the Roman official ordered his death, Anthimus said to him, “Do you think you can frighten me with the threat of execution? No, you cannot frighten one who desires to die for Jesus Christ! Execution is frightening only for the cowardly, for whom the present life is most precious.”

Anthimus was beheaded in 303.