Bishop Diodorus of Tarsus/Tarsus (d. AD 394)

Diodorus was born into a prominent family near Antioch (modern Antakya). After receiving a philosophical education in Athens, he began to live a monastic life. During his time at an Antioch monastery, Diodorus came under the spiritual guidance of bishop Meletius.

Melitius was a strong believer in the Nicene Creed and opposed the false teaching of Arianism.Diodorus started a theological school at Antioch that was rooted in the historical-grammatical approach to biblical interpretation. It became one of the most influential centers of Christian thought in the early church and many of its students became prominent theologians. Diodorus mentored Theodore of Mopsuestia and John Chrysostom.

Basil the Great ordained Diodorus the bishop of Tarsus, where he served for sixteen years, from 378 to 394. Diodorus participated in Constan- tinople’s Ecumenical Church Council in 381 and assisted in the writing of the final version of the Nicene Creed. Although Diodorus’ teaching on the person of Jesus Christ was orthodox, he was later falsely condemned as being Nestorian. He died in 394.