Bishop Nectarius of Constantinople/Istanbul (d. AD 397)

Nectarius was born in Tarsus to a powerful senatorial family. Bishop Diodorus of Tarsus was impressed with Nectarius’ godly character and took him to meet bishop Meletius of Antioch (modern Antakya).

After the abrupt resignation of Constantinople’s bishop Gregory the Theologian during the proceedings of the Ecumenical Church Council in 381, emperor Theodosius I asked the bishops to submit candidates to replace him. Meletius placed Nectarius’ name at the bottom of his list.

To everyone’s surprise, Theodosius I selected Nectarius to be the new bishop of Constantinople. Nectarius presided over the Ecumenical Church Council and served as Constantinople’s bishop for sixteen years, from 381 to 397. When Nectarius died in September 397, John Chrysostom from Antioch was chosen to serve as the new bishop of Constantinople.