Martyr Phocas of Sinope/Sinop (d. AD 303)

Phocas was a gardener who lived in Sinope on the Black Sea coast. Filled with the love of God, he fed the poor and helped persecuted Christians. During the persecutions under emperor Diocletian, soldiers were sent to kill Phocas because he was spreading the faith of Christ. Phocus did not hide, but offered them hospitality. When the soldiers were sleeping, Phocas dug a grave in his garden. When the soldiers woke up in the morning, Phocas told them that he was the person they were looking for. Because of his kindness and hospitality, the soldiers did not want to kill Phocas, but he refused. Being full of faith, he surrendered his life. Although grieved, the soldiers beheaded him and buried him in the grave that he had dug for himself.