Second Missionary Journey of the Apostle Paul (49-51)

Described in Acts 15:36-18:22, Paul’s second mission- ary journey began the spring of 49 and ended in the fall of 51.

Because Paul rejected Barnabas’ desire to take Mark on his second missionary journey, Barnabas took Mark to Cyprus, while Paul chose Silas to join him (Acts 15:36-40). Commissioned by the Antioch church, Paul and Silas traveled through Syria and

Cilicia strengthening the churches that Paul had established during his mis- sion there between 33 and 42 (Acts 15:41). Traveling north from Tarsus, they crossed the Taurus mountains through the Cilician Gates and traveled west to Derbe and Lystra in southern Galatia. In Lystra, Paul chose Timothy to join his mission team (Acts 16:1-3).

Leaving Lystra, they traveled west through Iconium and Pisidian Antioch strengthening the churches in the faith. Paul and his companions traveled through Phrygia toward Ephesus. However, after walking to Apamea (modern Dinar) in the Roman province of Asia, the Holy Spirit stopped Paul’s mis- sion team from traveling to Ephesus. So they went north to Mysia’s northern border because they were planning to enter the Roman province of Bithynia and minister in the cities of Nicea, Nicomedia, and Chalcedon. But at Dorylae- um (modern Eskisehir) the Holy Spirit stopped them from entering Bithynia. So they traveled west through Mysia to the Aegean port city of Troas (Acts 16:4-9) (#41).

In Troas, Paul had a night vision of a man of Macedonia standing and begging him, “Come over to Macedonia and help us.” Paul’s team (Luke had now joined Paul) sailed to the island of Samothrace and then to Neapolis on the coast of the Roman province of Macedonia. From Neapolis, they traveled overland to Philippi, Thessalonica, Berea, Athens, and then to Corinth where he ministered for eighteen months, from February/March to September 51. It was in Corinth that Paul met Aquila and Priscilla (Acts 16:10-18:18). Overall, Paul spent around two years, from August 49 to September 51, ministering in the Roman provinces of Macedonia and Achaia (Acts 16:11-18:18).

Leaving Corinth, Paul sailed to Ephesus in the Roman province of Asia around September 51 and ministered in the synagogue (Acts 18:19-21). After about one month, Paul left Aquila and Priscilla in Ephesus and sailed to the Mediterranean port city of Caesarea. From there, Paul traveled up to Jerusalem and greeted the church. Then Paul’s team left Jerusalem and traveled to Antioch. Paul spent around eight months with the Antioch church before he departed on his third missionary journey (Acts 18:21-22).