Everything Looks the Same Until the Winds Blow

Most of us are familiar with the parable of Jesus that speaks about two houses: One house was built on a rock foundation, and the second house was built on the sand. From the outside, both of these houses look the same. No one looking at them would know what kind of foundation they were built on.

Both of these houses look the same to us, until the strong winds begin to blow. The house built on the rock foundation continues to stand strong after the storm. But when the winds hit the house built on the sand, it is blown over and crashes and falls to pieces.

This parable is relevant for us today as we are experiencing numerous wind storms in our lives and societies over the last year. As a result of these winds, we are watching individuals, families, public schools, government departments, and even local churches collapse under the strong pounding winds.

Again, everything looks the same until the winds blow. It is only when the wind storms come that we discover whether our foundation was built on the rock or on the sand.

Be sure to double-check your foundation in life.