When the Holy Spirit Does Not Seem That Nice

After the water-baptism of Jesus, Mark 1:12 tells us that immediately the Holy Spirit drove him or thrust him or expelled him into the Wilderness of Judea to be tempted by Satan for 40 days.

In this passage, the Holy Spirit does not seem that nice.

As Christians we often think being led by the Holy Spirit is a smooth and easy process. In other words, the Holy Spirit guides us when we are ready to obey him. The Holy Spirit is easy-going. He stays in our groove. He doesn’t rush things or disrupt our free will. However, this is only true sometimes.

At other times, the Spirit of God immediately drives us or thrusts us or expels us forward into new horizons, even when we don’t feel ready to obey him.

God’s timing is not our timing. Yet, God’s timing is the point. He sees the big picture, and we are working hard done in the trenches of daily life. We are to obey God’s leading even if it feels abrupt and even messy. For we are to obey God even when we don’t feel as if we are prepared.

During certain seasons of our lives, the smooth process of walking with the Lord under the guidance of the Holy Spirit will become a driving wind that pushes us forward beyond the normal and out of our daily mundane lives.

When the strong wind of the Holy Spirit drives you out of your box–relax, put up your sails, and obey, for he is sovereign, and he will empower you for what is next.