False Guilt: The Weapon of Moral Manipulation

A few years ago I spoke through New Zealand. It is a beautiful land, and the people are wonderful and peaceful.

Recently, a single evil and disturbed guy shot and killed around 50 people in two mosques in Christchurch.

Now New Zealand is experiencing what America has been suffering from over the last decade of identity politics — the use of false guilt.

Instead of solely blaming the killer, some Muslims, liberal politicians, and left-leaning media in New Zealand are using this evil event to spread false guilt as a means to advance their religious and political agendas.

It was Israel! It was the Christians! It was the whiteys! It was the racists! And on and on.

Once politicians, Christians, and fair-minded people melt and remain silent before this hysteria of false guilt, it will never end. And common sense will soon disappear.

In an effort to gain more power, they will yell even louder the next time, spreading false guilt and trying to force the innocent to publicly repent and to give them what they want.

Hey New Zealand, stand against false guilt now or your public square will never be the same again.

The innocent will be smeared and accused over and over again. While many of your politicians will hide in the corner, afraid that they will be called a racist.

False guilt is becoming a major weapon of moral distortion and manipulation today. Social justice is now the guilty walking free, and the innocent being declared guilty. Either stand against it now, or it will eat the soul of your nation.

Hey New Zealand, you are a great people. Don’t give it away by drinking the moral poison of false guilt.